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Let’s get your kiddo developmentally on-track

Specializing in early speech communication and
developmental therapies for late bloomers

Join the 500+ kiddo’s who’ve experienced 78% improvement in verbal requesting

creating a world

where every child has a voice

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Want to discover where your kiddo’s self-expression is today?

“Does my child have delayed speech?”
“Could this be Autism?”
“Is my child meeting their milestones?”
“Does my child have delayed motor skills?”
“Why does my child have sensory aversions?”
“What if my child gets left behind?”

Why Valued Voices?

In a world filled with countless distractions and the desire for quick fixes, we believe the path to positive change is through genuine connectedness and the power to share our true voices.

We work with your whole family to help your kiddo reach their communication and motor milestones. Our holistic therapies empower children to find their voice through whatever modality suits their needs, whether that be speaking, gestures, writing, art, dance, or a device.

A conscious approach to child development



Our proven success is a result of creating customized experiences based on working with the whole-child.


We adapt to meet your child at their level, embracing their unique abilities and interests to create extraordinary growth.


We rise by lifting each other up. With compassion, trust, and dedication, our team helps your child grow to their highest potential.


We embrace every child and family with love and compassion creating the optimal environment for positive change, connection and empowerment.


To reach our goals we stay fully centered in what’s happening ‘right now’ – never missing a moment of your child’s expression.


Empowering the whole family to be part of your child’s development is key to success. You get guidance on how to set up your home to create the greatest opportunities for language and motor development.


At Valued Voices, we work with conscious parents to empower self-expression in their late bloomers through holistic therapies.

We work with your whole family to help your child reach their communication & motor milestones. Our holistic therapies empower children to find their voice and self-express through whatever modality suits their needs, whether that be speaking, gestures, writing, art, dance, or a device.


This is why
we do what we do

“Finn made incredible progress during his time at Valued Voices. As soon as he learned that one phrase would help get his needs met, the language floodgates started to open.”

“What Sholeh gave to Luke extends far beyond filling the speech and language voids that were, sadly, such a large part of his toddler years; she gave him unconditional love, guidance, and confidence; all of which have left indelible marks in his life and ours.”

“I went from hoping they could simply tell me what was wrong or how they were feeling to hoping for a few minutes of silence because they talk nonstop! It is the sweetest transition and I am so thankful for that.”

Parents, we’re
in this together

At Valued Voices we specialize in early intervention speech, language, and occupational therapy.

We’re here for you and your child when you hear, “let’s wait and see.” We know that working through speech, language, and motor development skills early brings better results. Your child deserves healthy communication and motor development from the youngest age. You deserve the confidence they’re getting the help they need.

If you want to be involved in your child’s growth, create a new unbreakable bond, and learn how to support their progress in every environment, you’re in the right place.


Real progress. Real results.


(after 6 months of therapy)

2-3 Word Combinations

55% increase

Requesting (verbally)

78% increase


69% increase


(after 6 months of therapy)

Formulating Sentences

63% increase

Making Predictions/Inferences

68% increase

Asking Questions

62% increase


19782 MacArthur, Irvine, CA 92612
Suite 310 – Speech & Language Therapy
Suite 315 – Occupational Therapy
T: (949) 929-9248 | F: 949.209.2059
[email protected]

(949) 776-7010

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