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Valued Voices Online Courses for Late Talkers

Hey Parents! This past year and a half, our worlds have been flipped upside down and back around again and again, and what it has given us is the opportunity and the time to slow down, reflect, and reconnect. So many of you became educators, tutors, caregivers, and therapists overnight-not like you didn’t have enough on your plate, and I am here to help ease some of this for you!

As your little one neared the 1 year mark, you were so excited to hear her first words and those heart melting moments when she says “I love you” for the first time. So, what did you do when that didn’t happen and you felt your little one was falling behind in her language development? I am sure you began going down the Google hole and that you began comparing her skills to other kids. You may have started to wonder what her delayed speech could mean for her academic future and how it might impact her relationship with other kids.

You can stop worrying, because I got you!

I understand the stress this can cause, but the good news is that you caught it early and regardless of your child’s delay, every child self-expresses and we are on this journey of self-expression together!

I am here to help you connect with your little one, and so it my team! We are here to put you at ease so that you can back to enjoying the pleasures of connecting with your little one’s sweet voice.

In our online program, our holistic therapies will empower you to help your little one find her voice through whatever modality suits her needs best, whether that be speaking, gestures, writing, art or dance.

Our online program takes you and your little one through a series of courses targeting important speech, language and communication milestones, including tons of interactive activities, worksheets, games and tips; and the great part is: we are there with you every step of the way!

You are just steps away from connecting with your little one more than ever before. Let’s take this journey together!

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Can’t wait to see you and your little one on the inside!

Sholeh Shahinfar, MA, CCC-SLP, RYT

Sholeh Shahinfar, MA, CCC-SLP, RYT

Sholeh Shahinfar is the founder of Valued Voices, and a licensed Speech Language Pathologist, Child Communication Specialist and Certified Oral Motor Therapist. She is passionate about  uplifting children’s voices in the world and inspiring self-expression. In her free time, she loves going to the ocean, exploring nature with her pup Kobe, and spending time with her family and friends!

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