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Wooden Race Track & Car Ramp

Use the Junior Ramp Racer to encourage your little one to discover, explore, learn and grow through play!

Once your little driver gets a hold of this toy, they will be racing to get to the finish line! The wonderful Junior Ramp Racer is an incredible and fun way to target speech, language, communication and learning! Designed for kiddos 18 months to 4 years, this car ramp introduces your little one to numbers, colors, actions, and concepts such as “fast” and “slow” and “on” and “off.” Below are some of our favorite ways to use this car ramp racer with our kiddos at Valued Voices: 


You can target lots of speech sounds with this fun toy (ex: /k/ for “car” and vowel sounds “uh” for “up”, “ah” for “on”).


  • Identifying Colors: hold up two colored cars and ask your child to “point to/touch the blue car”. You always want to make sure your kiddo can identify a color before expecting them to use it.
  • Following Directions: You can also have your kiddo follow command (ex: “Put the green car at the top of the slide”). 
  • Labeling: have your kiddo label the colors, numbers, objects and actions 
  • Requesting: have your kiddo request using 1-4 word combinations. Depending on where your little one is at, they can request using the color (ex: “red”), the color+object (ex: “red car”), or the 3-4 phrase: “I want (red) car.”
  • Combining words to make phrases/sentences: your kiddo can describe what he/she is doing “car go down”, “car on slide”, “push green car”, as they are playing 
  • Answering Questions: begin to introduce or expand on “WH” and “yes/no” questions (example: “do you want/is this the yellow car”, “where is the car”, “what color is it”)


This toy a great way to encourage turn taking and using the phrases “my turn” and “your turn”.


This one toy is embedded with tons of learning and educational concepts! Some examples are: colors, numbers, fast/slow, up/down, top/bottom, on/off, and go/stop. How many others can you come up with?

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