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Parent Coaching and

“Are you feeling like you need more support understanding your Gestalt Language Processor (GLP)?”
“Do you have questions about your child that you would like to consult with a speech-language pathologist (SLP)and don’t want to stay on a 6+ month waitlist?”
“Would you like guidance on how to support your little one at home/school?”
All of our SLP’s at Valued Voices are trained and certified in Gestalt Language Processing and are here to support your child, which means supporting you too!

We usually think of language acquisition as learning a single word, then combining words together to make short phrases, then combining words to make sentences which lead to full conversations. This type of language acquisition is called Analytic Language Processing: language is learned in independent units. This approach is most widely used in traditional speech and language therapy when supporting a little one’s language development, however this is NOT what Gestalt Language Processing is, which means the approach to supporting your little one and guiding your family will look very different!

It is estimated that around 85% of Autistic people are gestalt language processors, and if this is the case, then we should be acknowledging, affirming and empowering this style of communication.


Once your family and GLP kiddo start working with a speech language pathologist (SLP) that is knowledgeable in the Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) framework, you might notice some major changes; not only in your kiddo’s communication but also in the way the therapy session looks. While you are on this journey. you may run across some challenges, some might be:

  • Not finding an NLA trained therapist in your area
  • Not finding an NLA therapist that is in your insurance network
  • Finding the perfect fit but the waitlist is 6 months long

Sound familiar? Well we got you covered, we can support you and your gestalt language processor virtually through teletherapy and/or working closely with you through consultations.

Valued Voices offers GLP Consultations & Coaching. Now available virtually via Zoom to anyone, all around the world, with speech-language pathologists who have acquired their certification through Meaningful Speech


Initial Consultation:

Meet with our owner, Sholeh Shahinfar, to discuss your child’s unique communication needs

Select a Program:

Together, we will create a customized program that empowers you to support your child. We will schedule month-to-month sessions or you can prepay 6 months with a 10% discount applied.

Monthly Consultations:

We create a customized document so that we are all on the same page, all the time. Your SLP will review your child’s language sample and develop individualized gestalts to target and model throughout all your child’s environments.

Educate & Empower:

We understand that you are your child’s greatest teacher and biggest supporter! Your SLP will guide you through your child’s progress and empower you so that you have the knowledge necessary to best support and connect with your kiddo, every step of the way.


Celebrate as your little one plays, learns, shines and thrives with their unique and meaningful way of communicating!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At Valued Voices, we believe that supporting your child means supporting your whole family; that is why as part of our mission, we empower our families with parent coaching. Parent education is a huge part of your child’s success; when you feel empowered and confident to use the tools and strategies to connect with your kiddo, then your child will feel empowered and confident too!


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