Fisher Price: Laugh & Learn: Learning Piggy Bank

Use the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learning: Learning Piggy Bank to encourage your little one to discover, explore, learn and grow through play!

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learning: Learning Piggy Bank is one of our biggest hits at Valued Voices! We love this fun, interactive toy for so many reasons! Designed for kiddos 6 months to 3 years, this piggy bank introduces your little one to counting, colors, animals, shapes, size, sounds, and actions. Your child will light up as they use play to learn! Below are just a few of our favorite ways to use this piggy bank with our kiddos at Valued Voices.

Understanding Concepts:

have your child “point to” or “show me”: colors, animals, numbers and follow simple commands (“put the cow in the bank”)


place the toys in the piggy bank and take a coin out one-by-one; your little one can then label the color, number and/or the animal they see

  • Ways to expand: ask your kiddo what noise the animal makes (“what does the cow say”)

Combining 2-3 word:

Narrate what your child is doing using simple language (i.e. “push nose”, “cow in”, “coin out”, “open/close door”, “blue sheep”, “yellow duck in”, “take out cow”)


Your child can use “I want” to request a desired coin using 3-4 utterances

Answering WH-Questions:

parents can ask a wide variety of WH-questions during this game to help their children understand various concepts. WH-Questions are a pre-cursor to literacy skills and narratives.

  • Example:
    • WHERE: Where should we put the coin? Where is the green coin?
    • WHAT: What do you see? What animal says ‘quack’?

Social Skills & Higher-Level Language:

Turn taking

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